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  1. Time signature, in musical notation, sign that indicates the metre of a composition. Most time signatures consist of two vertically aligned numbers, such as,,, and. The top figure reflects the number of beats in each measure, or metrical unit; the bottom figure indicates the note value that receives one beat (here, respectively, half note, quarter note, eighth note, and sixteenth note).
  2. Jul 27,  · Time signatures are what give a song its beat. The term “Four on the Floor” refers to dance music that will always be in 4/4 – four beats per measure because that’s the best beat to dance to. But there are many other time signatures that are worth discovering because they can .
  3. Definition of time signature: a sign used in music to indicate meter and usually written as a fraction with the bottom number indicating the kind of note used as a unit of time and the top number indicating the number of units in each measure Examples of time signature in a Sentence.
  4. Time signature definition, a numerical or other indication at the beginning of a piece showing the meter. See more.
  5. Noun. 1. time signature - a musical notation indicating the number of beats to a measure and kind of note that takes a beat. musical time signature. musical notation - (music) notation used by musicians. alla breve - a musical time signature indicating two or four half notes to a measure.
  6. Aug 08,  · When discussing music, the terms "time signature" and "meter" are frequently used interchangeably; but time signature refers specifically to the number and types of notes in each measure of music, while meter refers to how those notes are grouped together in the music in a repeated pattern to create a cohesive sounding composition.
  7. Here is an example of a 12/16 time signature, with the musical work Sehnsucht from Lieder und Gesänge Op book from Robert Schumann. 12/46 time signature is classified as compound quadruple meter: There are 4 beats per measure (bar) and each beat is divided by repriatelelongleast.alsupvestraclimodukbestlicenttacta.co value of one beat is.
  8. The chosen time signature largely depends upon musical context, personal taste of the composer or transcriber, and the graphic layout on the written page. Frequently, published editions were written in a specific time signature to visually signify the tempo for slow movements in .

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